Sunday, May 07, 2006


Bersendirian itu
adakalanya ketenangan jiwa
boleh melahirkan ilham pula
sajak, puisi, madah pun juga
bertafakur tentang Yang Kuasa
juga mengenang segala dosa
bisa mengalir airmata
terkadang sendiri itu
menyiksa jiwa
tanpa teman utuk bicara
bergurau penuh mesra
jika yang dikasihi jauh dimata
mula hati merindukannya
apa dibuat semua tak kena
patutlah rupanya
Nabi Adam minta teman
walaupun berada di dalam Taman
tapi masih kesunyian
itulah keajaiban hati.


-written by alhaqir muhammad shaari almuhajir-



Monday, July 25, 2005


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Born on 25th July, married on 25th May (25 Zulhijjah 1425) at the age of 25, 25 is indeed my lucky number.

I wish to celebrate my 25th birthday every single year. This year I still regard it as the 25th birthday as it has been for the last 10 years. Time flies very fast.

Thank Allah who still give me chance to breath and experience the 'nikmat' of this life. I pray to Allah that I will also have the same chance to experience the real 'nikmat' in the lifeafter. Time for me to muhasabah.

Terimakasih Ma & Abah for your love & guidance. I wish I can be home with both of you today to share this moment.

Thank you Ja, Hakeem, Faheem & Faris for being a great wife and kids.
All of you are my gems.




Wednesday, July 13, 2005

The Meaning of 'Tawakkal'

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... Maka makna Tawakkal itu bahawa engkau memantapkan i'tiqadmu dengan janji-janji Allah iaitu engkau mengi'tiqadkan bahawasanya segala apa yang telah ditakdirkan bagimu itu pasti akan sampai kepadamu, tidak boleh tidak walaupun seluruh makhluk yang ada di alam ini berusaha menghalangkan daripadamu dan sebaliknya apa-apa yang telah ditakdirkan bahawa ia bukan untuk engkau sudah pasti ia tidak akan sampai kepada engkau walaupun seluruh makhluk berusaha untuk menyampaikankanya keada engkau.

(HUJJATUL ISLAM IMAM AL-GHAZALI - dlm kitabnya "Ayyuhal Walad')

Moga-moga kita semua digolongkan dlm golongan yg SENTIASA BERTAWAKKAL terutamanya ketika menghadapi kesulitan hidup.


-Picture is taken in Snowdonia, May 2005.



Friday, June 10, 2005

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Finally, I found a way to post pictures here. The picture was taken in Dec 2003 somewhere in Scotland. Have a good weekend... will be back with more pictures.



Tuesday, May 24, 2005

I Am Back

Arrived home around 10.30 pm last nite. Alhamdullilah, we had a great vacation. I am very occupied with so many things after being away for 4 days. I feel quite fresh and hopefully can be more productive in the coming weeks. Will write later about the snowdonia and have to fifure out how to upload photos here. Till then, I have a pleasure to share to you a nicely written article below. Many thanks to Ms. D who forward this article.


Steve Hein (1999) suggest the general characteristics
of people of high and low EQ as guidelines.

Signs of High EQ

A person with high EQ:

* Expresses his feelings clearly and directly with
three word
sentences 'beginning with "I feel..."
* *

Does not diguise thoughts as feeling by the use of "I
feel like...... and "I feel that...... sentences.,

* *

Is not afraid to express her feelings.

* *

Is not dominated by negative emotions such as:

* Fear, Worry, Guilt, Shame, Embarrassment,
* Hopelessness,
* Powerlessness, Dependency, Victimization,

* *

Is able to read non-verbal communication.

* *

Lets his feelings guide him through life.

* *

Balances feelings with reason, logic, and reality.

* *

Acts out of desire, not because of duty, guilt, force
or obligation.

* *

Is independent, self-reliant and morally autonomous.

* *

Is intrinsically motivated.

* *

Is not motivated by power, wealth, status, fame, or

* *

Is emotionally resilient.

* *

Is optimistic; Does not internalize failure.

* *

Is interested in other people's feelings.

* *

Is comfortable talking about feelings.

* *

Is not immobilized by fear or worry.

* *

Is able to identify. multiple concurrent feelings.

Signs of Low EQ

A person with low EQ :

* Doesn't take responsibilities for his feelings; but
blames you or others for them.
* *

Can't put together three word sentences starting with
"I feel..."

* *

Can't tell you why she feels the way she does, or
can't do it without blaming someone else.

* *

Attacks, blames, commands, criticized, interrupts,
invalidates, lectures, advises and judges you and

* *

Tries to analyze you, for example when You express
your feelings.

* *

Often begins sentences with "I think you..."

* *

Sends "You messages" disgused as "I feel messages" For
example, "I feel like you......"

* *

Lays guilt trips on you.

* *

Withholds information about or lies about his
feelings. (Emotional dishonesty)

* *

Exaggerates or minimizes her feelings.

* *

Lets things build up, then they blow up, or react
strongly to something relatively minor.

* *

Lacks integrity and a sense of conscience.

* *

Carries grudges; is unforgiving.

* *

Doesn't tell you where you really stand with her.

* *

Is uncomfortable to be around.

* *

Acts out his feelings, rather than talking them out.

* *

Plays games; is indirect or evasive.

* *

Is insensitive to your feelings.

* *

Has no empathy, no compassion.

* *

Is rigid, inflexible; needs rules and structure to
feel secure.

* *

Is not emotionally available; offers little chance of
emotional intimacy.

* *

Does not consider your feelings before acting.

* *

Does not consider their own future feelings before

* *

Is insecure and defensive and finds it hard to admit
mistakes, express remorse, or apologize sincerely.

* *

Avoids responsibility by saying things like: "What was
I supposed to do? I had no choice!

* *

Is pessimistic and often believes the world is unfair.

* *

Frequently feels inadequate, disappointed, resentful,
bitter or victimized.

* *

Locks himself into courses of action against common
sense, or jumps ship at the first sight of trouble.

* *

Avoids connections with people and seeks substitute
relationships with everything from pets and plants to
imaginary beings.

* *

Rigidly clings to his beliefs because he is too
insecure to be open to new facts.

* *

Can tell you the details of an event, and what they
think about it, but can't tell you how she feels about

* *

Uses his intellect to judge and criticize others
without realizing he is feeling superior, judgmental,
critical, and without awareness of how his actions
impact others' feelings.

* *

Is a poor listener. Interrupts. Invalidates. Misses
the emotions being communicated. Focusses on "facts"
rather than feelings.

I better go now and definitely need to revisit some parts of myself to improve my EQ scoring.




Thursday, May 19, 2005


After a very long overdue family vacation, we will spend an extended weekend in Snowdonia, Wales. I am looking forward to have a quality time with my beloved family while enjoying the natural beauty and having fun. Hopefully, we will be lucky this time to have a nice weather and I am still praying that we will have lots of sunshine and less windy/stormy weather even though the forecast on telly just now said it may be rainy yesterday. Living in this island, you can always have a nice sunshine morning and a stormy afternoon or vice versa on the same day. It is only a forecast.... (I am trying to be positive even though it is so cold outside tonite) I have told my beloved darling that we need to pack for both kind of weather. Each of us must bring one light jacket and one heavy jacket. We just back from Sainsbury buying our food ratio for the next 4 days..when the till showed the full amount it was more than £50 pound (more than our weekly grocery expenditure. J did ask me "Are we going for vacation or we gonna have food fest?" I told her that I wanna have great time (read great food). We will be staying in a self catering accommodation so that we will be cooking our own food this time since I don't think there will be any great kebab place there.

I also hope to have time to contemplate during these four days and also try to finish a couple of books that I am currently reading. I decided to bring five books: 'Albani & his Friends - a concise guide to the salafi movement', 'Cold Mountain' (watched the movie but the book is much better), 'Islam- Current Challenges in parliamentary Democracy', 'Islam Embedded: The Historical Development of PAS(1951-2003)' and 'Inilah Jalan Menuju Petunjuk & Hidayah Allah'.

Before I forget, I would love to thanks all of fellow bloggers who has left comments in my last entry. It is my pleasure to share that nice poem (I really feel that those words by the traditional scholar which is also translated nicely into English by Sheikh Muhammad Yacoubi (a contemporary scholar who follow the traditional path) are really poignant. This must be true ilham from Allah swt since it is such a miracle that the poem (I do wonder how it will be if it is translated to Malay).

Wish us all the best so that we will experience nice weather so that I can come back with nice pics of Snowdonia to share with all of you.

Till then,



Tuesday, May 17, 2005


by Imam Abu al-Hasan Muhammad al-Bakri (d.952)

translated from Arabic by:
Sheikh Muhammad ibn al-Sayyid Ibrahim al-Ya'qubi

From: al-Anwar wa-Misbah al-Surur wal-Afkar wa-Dhikir
Nur Muhammad al-Mustafa al-Mukhtar.

("The Lights and Beacon of Happiness and Thoughts and
Commemoration of the Light of the Elect Muhammad s.a.w")

No Mercy that Allah has sent or will send,
None that may ascend, descend or transcend

In the realm of Allah or in His Sovereignty,
Whether it is specific or comes in totality

Except that Taha, His Servant, the Elect
His Prophet, the Preferred whom He verily has sent

Is certainly its channel as well as its source
A fact that every man through reason can course!

So beseech him alwyas for eveything you need
For he is the Shafi' [Intercessor] who accepts all who plead.

Take shelter in him from all distress,
For safety is he, as well as Fortress.

Put down the loads of hope at him there
He is the Refuge, the one who will bear.

In a state of hardship, when calamities fall,
Do not despair; upon him do call

O most Esteemed of Allah whom He did create
And the one by whom to Him we supplicate

How many a time you remove grave grief
And this is what afflicted me again in brief

More helpless than me there will never exist;
What strength do I have or stamina to persist

By He who made you in the world sublime
And raised you in rank where no one can climb

Disburden me from all the hardships and pain;
To whom shall i turn if you ever refrain?

At loss am I; my patience is gone
I have not a clue what next is to be done.

You're the door to Allah; whoever finds a way
To travel without you will surely be turned away.

Prayers on you as the winds of the north
Swiftly shake hands with the flowers that come forth

With Salaam from Allah as the scent of the Houses
Smells sweet, and the fragrance of incense arises!

With the Family, the Companions so long as a dove
On its succulent twig coos softly in the grove.

excerpt from the book "AlBani & his Friends
- a concise guide to the Salafi Movement"
by Sheikh Gibril Fouad Haddad
(pg 83-84) ISBN 0-9547540-0X

My dear fellow friends & bloggers... after being in hiatus for
1.5 years I can't refrain myself to share the above beautiful
poem written hundreds years ago by one traditional islamic scholar.
MasyaAllah, this is really beautiful make my faith in following the
path of traditional Islamic faith getting stronger. May Allah swt show
me and my family the true Islamic teaching & prevent me my family and
my generations from being influenced by the ignorant men.

"... Until, when no `Alim is left, the people will take ignorant men
for teachers. These will be questioned and they will reply without
knowledge. They are themselves misguided and misguide others."

Hadith of Prophet saw (al-Bukhari)

Sang Kelate.



Thursday, December 25, 2003


**The article below is an excerpt of a well-written piece on Family Relationships in Islam. Hope it may enrich our knowledge and understanding of the importance of family values. It is indeed crucial for us to remember that family upbringing is the key factor for the success of the future generation. Whether we like it or not, parents play an important role in giving their children the best education and exposure of both the present world-duniawi and the afterlife-ukhrawi. After all, we do not inherit the world from our ancestors; we borrow the world from our children. **

Family Relationships in Islam
Dr. Arafat K. El-Ashi

Islam is a complete way of life. It considers the family the corner stone of Islamic society. It bases the atmosphere in the family on sacrifice, love, loyalty, and obedience. When we say "family" we mean the traditional definition of it namely husband, wife and children. Grandparents are also part of the extended Muslim family.

It may be asked here: how does Islam organize family relationships? To answer this we have to concentrate on: husband wife relationship and parent children relationship. As for husband wife relationship the following verse portrays the right Islamic atmosphere:

"And among his signs is this: He created for you spouses from yourselves that you might find rest in them, and He ordained between you love and mercy." (30-21)

The Prophet of Islam p.b.u.h. also stressed these meanings when he said: The best among you are those who are best to their families and I am the best of you to my family. He once exclaimed: (it is only the evil one who abuses them (women) and the honored one is he who honors them). Once a man came to the Prophet p.b.u.h. and asked: who is the person who is most worthy of my good companionship? The Prophet answered your mother, your mother, your mother then your father. That is why Islam made Paradise under the feet of mothers according to one tradition of the Prophet p.b.u.h.

If we contemplate the Quran we find that it refers to parents children relationships in four main places. Before it asks children to be good and loyal to their parents it requires parents to be extremely careful in upbringing their children. In other words it asks parents to do their duty before asking for their rights.

Let us contemplate the following verses of the Quran: In the chapter called Luqman (No.31) God says:

"And surely We gave Luqman wisdom saying Give thanks unto Allah; for whosoever gives thanks, he gives thanks for his soul. And whoever disbelieves, Allah is All-Independent, Worthy of Praise. And when Luqman said to his son while he was exhorting him: O my dear son! Ascribe no partners unto Allah. Lo! To ascribe partners (unto Him) is a tremendous wrong. And we have enjoined upon man to be careful of his parents, His mother bears him in weakness upon weakness, and his weaning is in two years, so give thanks to Me and to your parents, for unto Me is the journeying. But if they strive with you to make you ascribe to Me as partner that of which you have no knowledge, then obey them not, but deal with them nicely in the world and follow the path of him who repents to Me. Then unto Me will be your return, and I shall tell you of what you used to do."

**The Guest Writer**



Friday, November 28, 2003

Salam Aidilfitri

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri
Maaf Zahir Batin
Semoga silaturahim sesama kita berpanjangan.

SK sekeluarga menyambut Hari Lebaran dgn penuh kesederhanaan. Rumah terbuka kami bersama 2 lagi keluarga Kelantan di sini Alhamdulllilah berjalan lancar dgn kunjungan tetamu pelbagai bangsa & 'nationality'. One whole lamb and some chickens plus curry mee & raya cookies were on the menu.

Have to go now. We are going off to London for a short raya excursion for 2 days.

Selamat Hari Raya. Maaf Zahir Batin



Wednesday, November 19, 2003

Al-fatihah: Dr. Alijah Gordon(1929-2003)- A true Fighter of Palestinians Right

Malaysiakini today (10:49am Wed Nov 19th), 2003 reported that:

Palestinian rights activist dies

Palestinian rights activist Dr Alijah Gordon, who died at 11.40pm yesterday at the Gleneagles hospital in Kuala Lumpur, was laid to rest this afternoon. She was 74.

Her remains were taken to the AU 5 Muslim cemetary in Lembah Keramat following afternoon prayers at the Masjid Baitul Aman.

Some 400 people attended the funeral, including Keadilan president Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail, former National Unity and Social Development Minister Zaleha Ismail, former Ulu Kelang state assemblyperson Fuad Hassan and Abim president Ahmad Azam Abdul Rahman.

Gordon, an American by birth, gained Malaysian citizenship this year and was awarded with the honorary title of ‘Dato’‘ in recognition of her devotion to the Palestinian cause to which she had given the best part of her life.

Several weeks ago, she had suffered a relapse of pneumonia, following which she had not been able to talk or breathe normally, according to her close friend Farish A. Noor.

Fiery views

Gordon was trustee of a Malaysia-led Palestinian trust fund set up in 1988 to improve the lives of Palestinians, in particular children. She was a driving force in channelling humanitarian support from Malaysians to Palestinians.

Under her supervision, the fund built a learning centre in one of the Lebanese refugee camps, sponsored hundreds of Palestinian orphans and disbursed emergency support to Palestinians living in occupied areas.

Gordon later headed the Malaysian Sociological Research Institute (MSRI).

Born Shirley Doris Gordon, she was a scholar, historian and socio-political activist who was never far from controversy because of her strong opinions against social injustice.

Gordon’s fiery views in support of dispossessed Palestinians first found their way into the media when, in 1953, she participated in a televised debate in New York with Abba Eban, who was later to become an Israeli minister of foreign affairs.

Her outspokenness cost her a doctorate scholarship in the United States but it attracted the attention of the Egyptian Revolutionary Council which later awarded her a research scholarship in the country.

She published several books during her career, including ‘In the Time of the Mishmish’, a work based on her experiences in Egypt, as well as the first part of her autobiography ‘On Becoming Alijah’.

She also edited ‘Palestinians Speak’, a book about the experiences of Palestinian Refugees in Lebanon.

Semoga Allah mencucuri Rahmat ke atas Roh Beliau. Moga2 Srikandi Abad baru meneruskan perjuangan Menentang Kezaliman Yahudi & Zionis Laknatullah.



Tuesday, November 18, 2003

Selamat Menyempurnakan Ramadhan..

Selalunya, ketika menetap di M'sia, SK & keluarga sudahpun berada di Kelantan utk tempoh waktu minggu terakhir sebelum Ramadhan.. SK teringat semasa bekerja di Penang dulu, 'boss'mulanya hairan kenapa SK mesti memohon utk bercuti mulai seminggu sebelum Syawal. Kemudiannya, mereka faham benar dengan permintaan SK itu... awal2 puasa lagi SK akan beritahu... 'I will be away starting of a week before raya'.. Alasannya, 'this is my tradition..I must spend final week of fasting in my hometown...We Kelantanese ppl are different..Don't worry I will cover for the product engineering team during Chinese New Year'...

Alhamdullilah, SK tak pernah ralat rasanya dapat bercuti panjang di akhir Ramadhan ..mulai tahun pertama kerja sehinggalah ke hari ketiga Syawal..(kecualilah satu atau dua tahun bila sekolah tempat j mengajar hanya mula bercuti 4-5 hari sebelum raya)SK memilih begitu kerana ingin menikmati nikmat berpuasa tanpa sebarang gangguan atau terpaksa memikirkan beban kerja..Tahun ini adalah tahun ketiga SK & keluarga menyambut akhir ramadhan di UK... SK sendiri masih lagi belum dihinggap demam raya.. SK tidak gemar memutarkan lagu2 raya seperti org lain... Tahun lepas kami menyambut Syawal dgn kedatangan ahli keluarga baru, baby F yg ketiga itu baru berusia 2 bulan... Tahun ini kami diserang virus dimana J sudah seminggu demam, Baby F sudah beberapa hari demam panas..

Kedua2nya sudah beransur pulih, J mula bekerja kembali pagi tadi, baby F sudah mula senyum. Sk sendiri baru sahaja keluar dari hospital mlm tadi setelah berkunjung ke Accident & Emergency malam sebelumnya. Alhamdullilah, virus hanya menyerang selaput luar jantung SK. Dalam bahasa perubatan, SK didiagnoskan menghidap pericarditis due to viral infection. Setelah didatangi empat doktor & atu consultant, diambil darah sebanyak dua kali, ECG sebanyak 2 kali & X-ray dada, SK dibenarkan pulang ke rumah mlm tadi & dinasihatkan agar berihat .

Pagi tadi waktu bersahur, SK mendapat sms dari sahabat zaman persekolahan, NJ seorang pengurus di sebuah syarikat telekomunikasi dgn ucapan 'Selamat Menyempurnakan Ramadhan'. Thanks a lot NJ for reminding me to strive for Ramadhan benefits. Entah kenapa hati kecil masih belum terdetik & dihujani perasaan ingin menyambut syawal... moga2 lambaian syawal bakal menyinggah di sanubari ini.

Selamat Menyempurnakan Ramadhan. Moga2 keampunan Allah menjadi hadiah di hari lebaran.



Thursday, November 13, 2003

Berakhirnya Satu Penantian...

Hari ini, berakhirlah satu penantian buat Sang Kelate (SK) di pulau imperialis ini. SK terpaksa menunggu lebih lima bulan utk bertemu pakar orthopedik utk pemeriksaan sakit belakang & lenguh2 tubuh yang berpunca dari scoliosis. Sebenarnya scoliosis ini telah menjadi sebahagian drp hidup ini mulai dari pertengahan umur remaja lagi. Bagimanapun SK mula mendapat diagnosis yg tepat setelah terlibat dalam satu kemalangan jalanraya semasa bertugas di California. Masih teringat pertama kali bertemu pakar orthopedik di Folsom, CA pada tahun 1995-96, beliau mengakui bahawa beliau tidak mempunyai kepakaran yg cukup utk memberi penilaian yg tepat tentang scoliosis ini. Lalu, SK dicadangkan menemui pakar orthopedik yg lain yg kemudiannya juga mengakui bahawa beliau juga bukanlah pakar yg sebenar, menyebabkan SK diminta bertemu pakar yg ketiga. Sayangnya, tugasan SK di sana berakhir sebelum menemui pakar yg ketiga ini. Dipendekkan cerita, SK agak puas hati menerima penjelasan dari seorang pakar orthopedik tempatan di Pulau Mutiara (Dr Chaudry di Adventist Penang) sekembalinya di Malaysia di mana SK dicadangkan utk rawatan physiotherapi. Semasa di California sebelum itu, SK juga mendapat rawatan dari seorang chiropractor.

Hari ni, setelah menemui pakar orthopedik yg pertama di UK, SK juga telah dicadangkan utk menjalani rawtan physioterapi. Teruk sungguhkan perkhidmatan kesihatan NHS di negara yg kononnya maju ini.Alhamdullillah, kalau hendak mendapatkan rawatan physiotherapy persendirian, memang tidak mampu utk membayar sebanyak 20-30 pounds setiap sessi.

Hari ni juga, SK sekeluraga juga dikejutkan dgn kehadiran bungkusan dari Tanah Melayu yg telah dihantar lebih 7 bulan lalu akhirnya sampai juga. Biasanya ia hanya mengambil masa 2 bulan sahaja & agak banyak jugalah makanan yg sudah rosak. Hari ini juga, SK mendapat kad raya pertama bagi tahun ini. Agak mengejutkan,bila kad dibuka terpampang nama Pak Lah & tandatangannya. Inilah kali pertama dapat kad dari pemimpin teratas negara tercinta. Kad maya pertama juga diterima hari ini dari keluarga HK yg bertugas di Nokia Atlanta US. SK sendiri belum berkesempatan utk menghantar sebarang kad raya atau kad maya raya. Selalunya SK hanya menghantar utk ayahbonda & keluarga di KB, keluarga CR di Kelana Jaya & beberapa kenalan rapat yg sudah terpisah jauh terutamanya di US. Selalunya SK lebih gemar menalipon sahaja rakan2 di M'sia bila menjelang hari lebaran. Entah kenapa tahun ini, mood utk beraya masih belum ada.... moga2 hati ini berubah utk berbalas ucapan menyambut hari kebesaran ini bila harinya makin hampir. Esok harapnya berkesempatan ke bandar L utk mencari kad2 kosong yg boleh diubah menjadi kad raya. Harapnya masih sempat kad tiba sebelum hari lebaran terutamanya utk bonda tercinta.

Selamat Menyambut Cuti Hujung Minggu. Esok Jumaat bermulalah cuti hujung minggu di Kelantan.



Wednesday, November 12, 2003

Buat sahabatku D,
Kehidupan ini penuh dengan pelbagai cabaran dan pancaroba. Aku pasti engkau telah begitu mengerti tentang kepahitan dan aku tahu engkau telah menempuhi seribu satu macam dugaan sepanjang engkau hidup di bumi Tuhan ini. Percayalah, segala kepahitan itu adalah kerikil-kerikil tajam, sekadar untuk menduga kita, sang musafir yang cuba mencari jalan pulang.
Tidak siapa pun yang tahu akan isi hatimu tapi aku tahu, engkau tabah untuk meneruskan perjalanan hingga tiba ke destinasi yang engkau impi-impikan. Biar goyah, jangan sekali-kali engkau rebah. Jangan sekali-kali engkau mengalah. Aku tahu engkau punya kekuatan mental yang kental untuk menghadapi persimpangan dillema ini.
Aku pasti ingatan engkau masih utuh dengan kata-kata Plato bahawa insan yang berjaya bukanlah mereka yang paling gagah mahupun yang gah dengan material tapi mereka yang benar-benar berjaya adalah mereka yang tegar akan kebolehan diri.
Engkau punya kekuatan dan kebolehan.
Teruskan melangkah. Usah engkau berpaling lagi.




Tuesday, November 11, 2003

by Abdullah Quilliam

What is our Life?
A breath, a moan, a sigh,
A laugh, a smile, a cry,
A storm, a sob, a calm,
Tumult, some joy, some harm.
An earthly moment brief,
That longs for some relief
And freedom from stern strife,
Such, ever such, our life.

(21st July, 1907).)

Sheikh Abdullah Quilliam (1851-1932) wrote books, plays, and novels, as well as translating texts from Arabic, Persian and Turkish. He was also among the most respected Muslim poets of his generation, writing in both Manx and English. His style is redolent of Tennyson and Wordsworth, with occasional shades of Emily Dickinson, an important influence on British Muslim verse in the late Victorian period.

Abdullah Quilliam, Sheikh-ul-Islam of the British Isles. He is a widely known Liverpool solicitor, and has been associated with the Mosque since it was established in 1887, being a convert through study and conviction after a voyage years ago to . His journeys to the East have been numerous, and he is frequently sent for by the Sultan of Turkey to undertake special missions, or for the purpose of consultation.

Read more below:

(Pall Mall Gazette, London, 10th November, 1906.)

The mosque at Liverpool is the place of worship for a comparatively large resident membership, as well as for the thousands of Mahommedans – merchants, sailors, travellers – who pass through the port in a steadily flowing stream of brown humanity. It is unromantically situated, and is not imposing. It has no grand dome, no graceful minarets. It is a converted mansion, and has a poor-law establishment as a near neighbour. So it is that the cry of the muezzin, calling the faithful to prayers, echoes in and around a common-place street, heard by the unbelievers of West Derby Road, Liverpool.

Yet not only those within the mosque is gathering a small assembly of Mahommedans, a few of them in Oriental garb and all shoeless. Muslims, when they enter the mosque, take off their boots and leave on their head-covering. In a room set apart for the purpose they wash their hands and feet, and then they make their way to the place of prayers, a thickly-carpeted hall having little decoration beyond texts from the Koran inscribed in Arabic, but having its bare outlines softened in the dim religious light.

Here the believers make their devotions, seating themselves tailor-fashion on the floor behind the sheikh, and facing the east. Now they lie prostrate, their faces to the floor; anon they stand, stretching out their hands in supplication. Silent they are first, but just now the Sheikh murmurs “Allah, Allah, Mahomet,”, and the chant is taken up in low tones, which gradually swell until all is fervid excitement.

Again the Sheikh reads from the Koran. His Muslim brethren sit silent and reverent. Later, when the service is nearing its close, they place their hands on their laps as they wait for the divine blessing.

Even we English people, were we to look on these ceremonies, might feel some of the influence of the mysterious East. The Sheikh, in turban and flowing robes, perhaps with his many oriental orders, flashing on his breast; the congregation, now thrilling with strange emotion and again stolid with all that constitutes Oriental impassivity; the half-light, the mystic inscriptions – these things take the beholder in imagination away from the prosaic world without the walls of the Mosque, and he sees the blue sky, the white domes, and the stretching sands of warmer climes. Yet all the electric cars go clanging past the doors, and all around are the conditions which go to make up the things of ordinary English life.

The Sheikh is an Englishman – Abdullah Quilliam, Sheikh-ul-Islam of the British Isles. He is a widely known Liverpool solicitor, and has been associated with the Mosque since it was established in 1887, being a convert through study and conviction after a voyage years ago to . His journeys to the East have been numerous, and he is frequently sent for by the Sultan of Turkey to undertake special missions, or for the purpose of consultation.

The Muslim Institute in altogether comprises rooms for members, schoolrooms, a small museum, library and reading room, and also a small lecture hall, which is used mainly for club meetings, etc. There is also a large lecture hall, for prayers (Teki). It seats some 220 people. The Medina Home, not far away, has about a score of children who are being brought up as Mussulmans. The whole institution has about 200 members resident in Liverpool, but during the course of a year the Mosque is visited for prayers by thousands of Muslim sailors and other travellers who come to the great seaport. Congregations in winter are good, and consist of a surprising number of English people in addition to others. Quite a large proportion of the membership is constituted of Liverpool folk, born and bred.



Monday, November 03, 2003

RAHMAN? Opss.. it is RAHMAT...

AFP reported that Pak Lah broke into tears at the end of his his maiden speech to parliament as he called on Allah for guidance and inspiration. I am so touched by his humbleness..When I met him last June, he was as humble as before and treated us like a father giving advice to his kids. I do pray that Allah will give HIS guidance so that Pak Lah will strive his best to bring Malaysia to a new era without forgeting his huge 'amanah' which will be question in the lifeafter.

Have you guys heard abt RAHMAN theory where Malaysian Prime Minister name will start from R, A, H, , M, A and then N... Now the first five does follow it.. what abt the sixth one? Lots of people do predict this will happen when N will be chosen by Pak Lah as a man next in line..However, Pak Lah keep mum abt this until today even lots of people do say that the lastest Tun did prefer N to be next after Pak Lah... My source told me that Pak Lah is not that happy with those kind of gossiping... even close aides to Pak Lah does not have a clue what will happen in near future.. Other people say that M, the other vice president from Johore is being prefered by Pak Lah..
I kind of like this guessing game... after my lenghty [hone conversation to a veteran UMNO researcher ,who devoted his life to UMNO, I tend to agree what there is high possibility that maybe Pak Lah will make a surprise by not electing either N or M but rather choose someone from my state TR... if this happen it will be RAHMAT not RAHMAN.... In Islam, RAHMAT is a beloved word... after all, who knows my prediction will be right.. just wait..I really wanna tell more abt this but I have to stop now

I have to end this soon since I will be leaving to Aintree in 10 mins time.. will be a long day where I will be having iftar away from family.. Ja did 'bekalkan nasi dgn sambal udang & telor.. hope to find a microwave there..

Selamat Berbuka... It will be a lonely iftar for me today.. dah nasib perantau



Friday, October 31, 2003

Thank You Sir...

Dear Dr M,

As a Malaysian living abroad,I would like to thank you for all your service to the beloved nation for the past 22 years that you have served as the Prime Minister. I salute you as a leader of Muslim country who always played important roles at the international level & voiced out the Muslim ummah's dissatisfaction towards superpower countries like US and European nations. Domestically, you have transformed Malaysia from a tiny nation to respected one which is economically & politically stable.

I wish you all the best for your retirement & May Allah reward you accordingly and forgive you all the mistakes that you have done during your tenure.

Sang Kelate

p.s: I am looking forward to read yr memoir.

For those who are so critical toward Dr M's leadership styles, kindly let me share with u the words of JB Priestley:

"We should behave toward our country as women behave toward men they love. A loving wife will do anything for her husband except to stop criticizing and trying to improve him. We should cast the same affectionate but sharp glance at our country. We should love it, but also insist upon telling it all its faults. The noisy, empty 'patriotic', not the critic, is the dangerous citizen. The proper means of increasing the love we bear to our native country is to reside some time in a foreign one."



Wednesday, October 29, 2003

Positive News From Home (Moga2 bangsaku Bersatu atas Jln Allah)

Malaysia Kini, 29 Oct 2003.. published without comment.

PAS positif pengisytiharan M'sia negara Islam

Kerajaan PAS Terengganu menegaskan hari ini bahawa pihaknya mengambil sikap positif terhadap kenyataan Perdana Menteri Datuk Seri Dr Mahathir Mohamad yang mengisytiharkan Malaysia sebagai sebuah negara Islam.

"Dengan pengisytiharan itu, bermakna penguatkuasaan Enakmen Kesalahan Jenayah Syariah (Hudud dan Qisas) Terengganu 1423H/2002M merupakan kemuncak penghargaan dan sanjungan kerajaan negeri kepada beliau yang akan bersara Jumaat ini," demikian menurut kenyataan Pejabat Menteri Besar Terengganu hari ini.

Dalam kenyataan tiga muka yang ditandatangani oleh Setiausaha Akhbar kepada Menteri Besar, Haji Zahari Mohamed, Kerajaan Negeri Terengganu juga mengucap tahniah di atas kejayaan negara pimpinan Dr Mahathir yang dipilih sebagai pengerusi Pertubuhan Persidangan Islam (OIC) baru-baru ini.

Sehubungan itu, Kerajaan PAS Terengganu mengulangi pendiriannya bahawa tindakannya mewartakan Enakmen Kesalahan Jenayah Syariah (Hudud dan Qisas) Terengganu 2002 Isnin lalu adalah selaras dengan Perkara 3 (1) Perlembagaan Persekutuan.

Menurutnya, Perkara 3 (1) itu memperuntukkan bahawa "Agama Islam ialah agama persekutuan tetapi agama-agama lain boleh diamalkan dengan aman dan damai di mana-mana bahagian Persekutuan".

"Dengan peruntukan itu, Kerajaan Negeri Terengganu berpendirian bahawa adalah tidak bercanggah dengan Perlembagaan Persekutuan untuk melaksanakan enakmen tersebut yang diluluskan oleh Dewan Undangan Negeri pada 8 Julai tahun lalu, dan mendapat perkenan Sultan Mizan Zainal Abidin pada 2 Sept lalu," tegas kenyataan itu.

Hukum Allah

Menurut kenyaatan itu, penguatkuasaan enakman tersebut adalah untuk membuktikan bahawa undang-undang Islam adalah bebas dan bersih daripada sebarang unsur-unsur kezaliman terhadap seluruh manusia kerana ianya datang dari Allah yang "yang maha adil, maha mengetahui, dengan semua sifat kesempurnaan."

"Dengan bidangkuasa yang ada pada negeri, kerajaan negeri mahu melaksanakan undang-undang syariah yang mengambil kira aspek tersebut. Jadi apabila negeri meluluskan undang-undang, sudah tentu ia akan menjadi undang-undang di peringkat negeri," tambah kenyataan itu.

Menurut kenyataan itu lagi, memandangkan Perlembagaan Negara telah berkali-kali dipinda, maka "mengapa tidak boleh dibuat pindaan dalam perkara kecil dari segi agama bagi melaksanakan syariat Allah kepada orang Islam".

"Undang-undang kesalahan jenayah ini ialah undang-undang bagi orang Islam sahaja. Orang bukan Islam tidak diwajibkan dan mereka tidak perlu bimbang. Sebelum dibahaskan di Dewan Negeri, kerajaan negeri telah mengemukakannya kepada semua pihak, termasuk ahli akademik, pemimpin politik, badan bukan kerajaan dari kalangan Islam dan bukan Islam .

"Sebelum ini, pihak-pihak yang berjumpa kerajaan negeri, selepas diberi penjelasan, berpuashati dan menunjuk respon baik, kecuali mereka yang tidak datang dan membuat kenyataan dari jauh sahaja," tambah kenyataan itu.

Kesan positif

Berikutan itu, kerajaan negeri berharap agar sesetengah pihak di negara ini tidak terikut-ikut rentak barat dan golongan anti-Islam yana menurutnya, sentiasa mencari ruang untuk memburuk dan menyerang Islam melalui pelaksanaannya syariat Allah ini.

Sementera itu, Arfa’eza A Aziz melaporkan bahawa pewartaan enakmen tersebut telah memperlihatkan kesan positif di mana umat Islam di negeri itu kini lebih berhati-hati dalam tindak-tanduk mereka kerana "takut" kepada undang-undang Allah itu.

Menurut Mufti Terengganu, Sheikh Abdul Halim Abdul Kadir, beliau menerima panggilan dari orang ramai yang bertanyakan tentang enakmen itu.

"Nampaknya mereka sudah mula takut kepada hukum Allah...mereka takut untuk melakukan kesalahan kerana hukumannya berat. "Inilah yang kita mahu sebenarnya... supaya umat Islam tidak melanggar hukum agama," katanya ketika dihubungi malaysiakini hari ini mengenai perkembangan mutaakhir penguatkuasaan enakmen tersebut di Terenggganu.

"Bukan hasrat kita untuk memotong tangan orang. Al-Quran pun bukan mahukan kematian. Dalam undang-undang Islam, hukuman adalah perkara kedua (kerana) yang pentingnya enakmen tersebut mempunyai kesan pencegahan. Jadi boleh saya katakan di sini bahawa kesan enakmen itu sudah nampak," tambahnya.

Kerajaan PAS Terengganu telah mewartakan enakmen tersebut Isnin lalu selepas diluluskan oleh Dewan Negeri 8 Julai tahun lalu, yang penguatkuasaannya terpakai ke atas mereka yang beragama Islam sahaja.

Sekadar mampu

Enakmen tersebut telah mendapat pelbagai reaksi dari badan bukan kerajaan dan parti politik, termasuk Umno yang munuduh ianya sebagai "undang-undang PAS" dan bukanlah undang-undang Islam sebenarnya.

Mengulas lanjut mengenainya, Sheikh Abdul Hamid berkata, kerajaan negeri tidak boleh menghalang sebarang sekatan yang dikenakan oleh kerajaan pusat yang ternyata lebih berkuasa.

"Memang Perlembagaan Persekutuan memberi kerajaan pusat lebih kuasa. Jadi kita berusaha sedaya-upaya kita untuk menjayakanya.

"Kalau kita boleh melaksanakan sepenuhnya, Alhamdullillah...tetapi jika mereka (kerajaan pusat) sekat kita...mereka sendirilah yang tanggung. Kita membuat sekadar kemampuan kita, yang lain terserah kepada Tuhan," tambahnya.

Ketika diminta mengulas kenyataan Perdana Menteri, Datuk Seri Dr Mahathir Mohamad bahawa kerajan pusat akan mengambil tindakan undang-undang jika Terengganu melaksanakan enakmen tersebut, Sheikh Abdul Hamid berkata, perkara itu hanya boleh dijawab oleh Dr Mahathir sendiri.

"Apakah kesalahan kita dalam melaksanakan enakmen ini? Yang kita buat adalah mengikut panduan al-Quran dan Sunnah. Jadi hanya dia yang tahu apa kesalahan kita dan bagaimana dia akan bertindak. Seperti yang saya kata tadi, setakat mana yang kita boleh...," katanya.



Tuesday, October 28, 2003

Ramadhan, Kenangan lama menggamit kembali


Seperti biasa, kedatanganmu Ramadhan daku sambut dengan penuh keinsafan. Inilah kali ke tiga Sang Kelate (SK) menyambut kedatangan bulan penuh barakah ini di pulau yang sebenarnya asing bagi naluri ini. Hati SK tetap ditinggalkan di Tanah Serendah Sekebun Bunga. Namun perjalanan hidup membawa Sang Kelate ke daerah asing.

Kehadiran Ramadhan menggamit kembali kenangan2 lama. Masa kanak2 & remaja dulu, SK pasti menunggu kepulangan ayah yang berbasikal tua (org Kelantan panggil basikal unta) membawa balik air nyiur muda atau air tebu. Kekadang, SK akan cuba mencari rakan yg mempunyai motosikal utk meronda ke arah PCB atau Sabak utk mencari air tuak (nira kepala)yg memang menjadi kesukaan SK & ayah.

Semasa menuntut ilmu di Labok pula, lain pula keseronokannya, berbuka bersama2 dalam satu dewan makan yg memuatkan seluruh warga sekolah.. makanan dewan makan ni kekadang tu tidak dapat menepati selera SK. Bekalan sambal daging (serunding)ibulah yg dapat mengubah rasa tekak.

Kemudiannya, SK pernah meyambut Ramadhan di Shah Alam dan kemudiannya di bumi Chicago. Masih teringat bagaimana kereta Honda Civic buruk SK 'skidding' di satu petang di musim salji tebal kerana agak gopoh utk pergi berbuka bersama-sama rakan Muslim di kampus. Nasib baiklah tiada kereta lain yg berhampiran. Juadahnya cukup menyelerakan. Kambing panggang, kebab Iran , biryani Pakistan dan beberapa makanan Arab & Mediteraneean selalunya menjadi juadah iftar. Semasa bekerja di Folsom CA , SK jarang sangat berbuka di masjid.

Kalau di Penang pula, kesibukan bekerja menyebabkan SK hanya kerap berbuka di Masjid Bayan Baru di hujung minggu. Itupun kekadang terpaksa dilupakan kerana memenuhi undangan rakan & mengajak rakan berbuka di kediaman kami. Pasar Ramadhan di Penang jarang sekali menemukan juadah makanan Kelantan yg asli.

Apa yg selalu SK lakukan ialah mengambil cuti seminggu terakhir di bulan puasa (disambung dgn cuti raya 3-4 hari) utk menghabiskan Ramadhan di KB sambil menikmati juadah2 masakan ibu seperti ikan percik, solok ikan, solok lada,pelbagai jenis kerabu (eg batang kemuning, mangga, jantung pisang) kerutuk telur merah, nasi kerabu dan lain2. Antara kuih kegemaran SK ialah tahi itik, akok, jala mas, puteri mandi dll.

Semalam 1 Ramadhan SK bersahur sakan kerana isteri tersayang, J memasak pelbagai juadah di tengahari sebelumnya kerana kami ada tetamu. Agak berselera SK bersahur dgn Kerutuk Ayam, Lamb Vindaloo, telur goreng & sambal nyiur pucuk pegaga (masakan ala Perak oleh E, seorang pelajar Phd Biological Science di sini yg menanam pegaga dlm 'greenhouse' -terimakasih E). Berbuka pula, SK menyuruh J memasak gulai Kerutuk telur. Hmmm kali ni hampir sama rasanya dgn masakan ibu tercinta. Alhamdullilah, berbuka pada hari pertama dgn kerutuk telur, ikan bilis goreng, ayam gulai ala nigeria (thanks to F, one of our M'sian neighbor here), akok versi UK & air mata kucing (longan) yg dihantar khas oleh ibu tercinta. Kali ini, SK mampu utk tidak makan terlalu banyak. Tapi bila balik dari surau rasa lapar pulak. Hmmm ada pulak nasi Biryani sumbangan WM & ayam goreng.

Sebelum berbuka semalam, SK terfikir utk membuat 'rating' atau muhasabah terhadap tahap puasa SK. Hmm SK tiada diari bertulis , yg ada cumalah blog. Akhirnya SK dapat idea.. gunakan kod warna yg hanya SK sahaja tahu apa maksudnya.. Jadi SK tanyalah J & N warna2 dlm bahasa Kelantan... J hairan katanya apa yg tiba2 nak tahu (SK akan menulis di lain kali tentang warna2 versi Kelantan). Antara kod yg SK akan guna ialah Bungo Ppulut, Putih Star, Ija Palo Itik, Meroh Daroh Ike & Kunin Hene (not in any particular order)

Untuk 1 Ramadhan - Bungo Ppulut

If you like to read interesting entry abt sahur you can try Cikgu Yaz's.

Selamat Bersahur & Berbuka. Sama2lah kita tingkatkan tahap keimanan & amal sholeh.



Wednesday, October 22, 2003

My Beloved Teacher

Tonite (M'sian time), just after midnite it is exactly 13 Hijrah years my beloved teacher move to the different world. He passed away on the last Friday nite before the Ramadhan months on that year. I have known him since my early teenage years. However, since I was away in a boarding school & college I do miss lots of his teachings. A couple of months before he passed away, I did ask him to accept me as one of his students despite the fact that my Iman & Amal was so much apart compared to his. He did not say anything just say `Hmm' & sort of nodding his head (he was really in a great pain during that time)and I always pray it does mean 'Yes'.

I always consider that one of the luckiest things in my life is to get to know him. He never failed to tell his students to 'mujahadah' against Nafs (bad desire) & explained correct version of Ahli-Sunnah Wal Jamaah Tauhid. He himself was the student of a famous 'ulama' in Kelantan. Nowadays, lots of people do claim that the are the real Ahli-Sunnah but without knowing they themselves have been deviating from the right path.. the best example is the Wahabism.

This morning, when I made a phone call to my friends in Kelantan, they were busy cleaning the 'surau' to get ready for a special yearly tahlil session for our guru. One of them did bring a high-powered equipment as used in the car wash center (I can hardly hear my friends over the other end). I do remember we always 'gotong royong' to cook the food for the tahlil too. I feel so sad to miss the event again. Most of the students always make a point to attend this so that we can meet each other. Some of us are residing in Penang, KL, Negeri Sembilan, Melaka & Trengganu. Being abroad I can only do some tahlil on my own. Although the 'Guru' has left us, our ukhuwah among the students is somehow still very strong. Some us did follow him already (Mat Jeng -see my entry before- was one of them. we have pakciks in 60s, some in 50s, plenty of 40s, and 30s like me & some in late 20s too. May Allah continuously reward my 'Guru' for showing me & my friends the right path of Islam. Al-Fatihah.

p.s: Do visit Abedib's blog to read abt the important of learning Islam from a teacher.



Who Wanna Be An 'Angkasanaut'?

I read this from someone's blog while bloghopping:

America - Astronaut
Russia - Cosmonaut
China - Taikonaut
Malaysia - Bolehnaut (short for boleh-or-not) :)

It is really a funny joke which actually make me laughed out. I bet most of us used to hear 'Bolehwood' (as per Hollywood & Bollywood). Sadly, 'melayuboleh' has also been used as name of a porno website (try google if u don't believe me)

I do predict if we keep changing our words like what happens to 'belanjawan' which is changed to 'bajet' (read my earlier entry abt this), then one day, 'angkasawan' will may be called 'angkasanaut'. One the lighter note, I do suspect that my fellow blogger in Londra, Penawan derived his nick from 'Pena'. Sir, correct me if I am wrong!

By the way, who wanna be an 'angkasanaut'?

p.s: Anyone wanna guess what does 'Sang Kelate' mean? Let me give u a clue.. it was first used by a famous person in Malaysia during his opening speech of a formal function a few years back.



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